Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Portable showers trailers are the answer for many situations!

Most people are familiar with portable restrooms. If you haven’t used one, you’ve surely seen one. But did you know that there are also portable showers? Major Event Trailers is proud to offer top-of-the-line deluxe portable shower trailers that offer all of the amenities required for a great experience.
The trailer features 12 stalls with six for women and six for men. The trailers are clearly marked. Each also has sinks and mirrors, air conditioning and heating, and fresh water storage. They are 40 feet long with a width of 8’4”. Please click here to See The Showers for yourself! There is an 800 gallon grey water storage with on demand hot water.

You can rent the showers for long or short-term. You will find them invaluable if you are planning an indie film shoot. They are indispensable if you are involved in any emergency or firefighting activities. Construction sites are also a prime location for portable showers. It’s easy to forget how much a hot shower can do for your mental state when you or others are in a stressful situation.
How about a sporting event with a reception afterward?  How nice it will be when everyone is able to get spiffed up without having to run home first. Don’t stop the rhythm of the day!

If you’re planning any kind of outdoor activity please consider using our services. Click here for FAQs. If you have questions that aren’t answered there, please call us at 800.946.9610. We encourage questions about any of the services we offer. You might also be interested in our ADA Accessible Restroom trailer and the VIP Restroom trailer we offer.

We’re a new company and we’d be delighted to be in business with you. We’ll do whatever we can to make this exactly the experience you’re looking for. Go here for a Free Quote!

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